Whale Fire Limited can provide maintenance and servicing of your emergency lighting system to ensure it conforms to British Standard 5266. We will send a qualified engineer to both commercial and residential properties to ensure your system is working correctly and in accordance with current legislation.

All emergency escape lighting systems should be regularly tested and properly maintained to an appropriate standard. Most existing systems will need to be manually tested. However, some modern systems have self-testing facilities that reduce routine checks to a minimum.

The tests should include:

  • A daily visual check of any central controls;
  • A monthly function test by operating the test facility for a period sufficient to ensure that each emergency lamp illuminates; and
  • An annual full discharge test

Particular care needs to be taken following a full discharge test. Batteries typically take 24 hours to re-charge and the premises should not be re-occupied until the emergency lighting system is fully functioning unless alternative arrangements have been made. See British Standard 5266-8 for more information. It is good practice to keep a record of tests.

To test an emergency lighting system you need to simulate mains power failure on the normal lighting circuit/s or individual luminaires. This will force the emergency lighting system to operate and use the battery supply. This can be achieved manually or automatically.

Depending on the type of installation, you should be able to carry out most of the routine tests yourself. However, the test method will vary. If you are unsure how to complete these tests call us today. Whale Fire can provide you with a specialist engineer to ensure the appropriate tests are completed. Our service contracts also makes life simpler as time specified reviews are built into your exclusive programme to ensure your systems continue to work effectively.

Please call us now on 0800 772 0738 or contact us by enquiry form or by email at info@whalefire.co.uk

The Benefits

All of our engineers are fully qualified and experienced.
We provide a range of servicing contracts.
You will receive an emergency lighting commissioning and servicing certificate.
We only use emergency lighting equipment which is of the highest quality.
Our engineers provide an on call service to deal with lighting faults.