Whale Fire can supply, install and maintain all types of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment. All of our equipment conforms to the relevant British Standards and FETA codes of practice.

We will deliver the fire extinguishers to your door and if desired, can arrange for a qualified engineer to correctly position the equipment and provide appropriate signage. We can then arrange an annual servicing contract. From ordering the extinguishers to ensuring they are professionally maintained, we will take care of everything so that you don’t have too.

We charge a set rate each year so you know what you will be charged and this includes replacing any small parts, service spares, discharges & refills. You will be issued with an annual certificate for your fire logbook and then contacted the following year to book in a convenient time for your next servive.

We will also ensure you are not over provided with fire extinguishers to keep your costs down but never at the comprimise of safety.

Below is a list of the benefits you will receive by using Whale Fire to carry out your fire extinguisher services in London:

  • All of our engineers can advice you on the quantity, location and type of fire extinguishers you require.
  • We charge a competitive set fee every year so you know exactly what you are paying each time.
  • We are a professional, trustworthy and reliable company and always put the customer first.
  • We have a growing number of satisfied customers – why not join them?

So why not call today on 0800 772 0738 or email us at info@whalefire.co.uk for a free quotation. We look forward to hearing from you.