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Three Monthly fire door checks

ire doors play a vital role in maintaining good compartmentation. Personally I think three months checks are a little over zealous.  It should be more of a risk based approach depending on the building.  Compartmentation plays a massive role of course and can ...

Why take the risk?

Big fine for property company that failed to implement the requirements in the action plan in the fire risk assessments they had carried out.   Fortunately it was a near miss on this occasion and everybody managed to escape but you can’t put a price on carry...

What is the real purpose of a fire risk assessment?

When carrying out a fire risk assessment, it’s really important to understand what you are trying to achieve. Its amazing how often I have seen reports that seem to have missed the entire point.  Assessors and Fire Service officers sometimes seem so fixated by guide...

Public House Fire Safety

t’s really really not worth the risk of not complying with fire safety laws when you think about the potential consequences. https://lnkd.in/g8-emFs This landlord will now pay a far greater cost that paying out a few hundred pounds for a fire risk assessment and fol...

Are these flats really worth £0?

ascinating article about residents who can’t re-mortgage their flats and have been told they are worth nothing.  This is happening up and down the country.  If you are a resident in a building where the cladding has failed advice note 14 and you are being told you...

Insurance and Mortgage Valuations

You need to subscribe to the times to read the full article but the introductory snippet gives you enough to go on.   Insurance company trying to block litigation for fire safety deficiencies in block of flats and avoid paying out.  Now we have residents who bought...

Black Box Thinking

I don’t know the full story here but surely management would be better off acknowledging their mistakes and learning from the experience.  No one was hurt but what an opportunity to learn and make sure if there is another fire or fire alarm activation then the ev...

Fire Safety Changes

Lots of new fire safety announcements coming up and definitely lots of uncertainty in the air at the moment.  Every day seems to find a new building raising fresh concerns about the cladding and what to do about it or another bunch of students being forced out of their...

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