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Tenant Information Guide

We have produced a ‘Tenant Information Guide’ which outlines simple fire safety advice for residents who live in flats. All the requirements listed in a fire risk assessment action plan do not change the fact that most fires start in the actual flats and are often cau...

Unresolved Fire Safety Issues

This article is interesting in that it simply highlights a whole range of unresolved issues that are now very apparent since the Grenfell Fire. The list keeps getting longer and keeps shifting from one area to another. It talks about the despair some residents are facing where th...

Mortgage Prisoners

Properties being valued at £0 due to cladding. This article talks about ‘mortgage prisoners’ who bought in good faith but now can’t sell a property they are heavily mortgaged with. I think banks also need to take some responsibility here. They lent the mon...

Ban on combustible materials

Now a call for an outright ban on combustible materials not just for high rise buildings. New developments everyday. Can you imagine the logistical nightmare moving forward but but we need to get this sorted. One of the big problems for me is the poor construction in many modern ...

Claremont Hotel Fire Bournemouth

I’m very pleased nobody was seriously hurt in the Eastbourne hotel fire. Again massive fire spread and questions about the compartmentation will be asked as the cause of the fire is investigated. I will keep a close eye on this and on many other fire incidents as more and m...

Fire risk assessments Manchester

Lots of issues within the fire safety industry currently with fires involving wooden balconies, cladding and an ever increasing risk of external fire spread. This needs to be taken into account within a fire risk assessment and consideration given to how a fire that starts intern...

Student Fire in Bolton

This awful fire in Bolton is troubling in so many ways, the fire safety failures and history of the building, the failure of the fire alarm system and sheer speed the fire spread through the building.  I will keep a close eye on developments here.  Thankfully there were...

Landlord Fire Safety

Any landlord not taking fire safety seriously may want to read this. All you need to do to get started is have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment completed. Ignorance is no defence in court and you are putting your residents and yourself at massive risk if you don&rsq...

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