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Fire Risk Assessments

I am always a bit dubious of fire risk assessors that risk assess a building quoting from a fire safety guide word for word like they are just copying and pasting from the guidance without actually risk assessing the building properly.  It’s like every single recomm...

Regular fire safety tips

There are lots of things you can do on a regular basis within your premises to reduce the chances of a fire starting and if one does, increasing your chances of making it out to safety.  These include: Checking your escape routes are clear Making sure you can easily op...

Fire Safety Services

Here is a full list of all of our fire safety services that we currently provide:   Fire risk assessments Fire training Emergency plans                    Installation and Mai...


If there is one word I would use to summarise the current world of fire safety it would be “inconsistency”.  Whether it is fire risk assessors, fire brigade officers, fire engineers, fire door contractors, fire extinguisher technicians or fire alarm engineers I a...

Fire risk assessments

The consequences of not having a fire risk assessment far outweigh the  small cost of having it carried out: <li-icon aria-hidden="true" style="width: 24px; height: 24px; overflow: hidden; display: block; position: re...

Who should profit?

A fire risk assessor should be just that, not a salesman making recommendations to then subsequently profit from the recommendations in his report.  How often do we see recommendations in a report that the company or a sister company can profit from?  Compartmentati...

Fire risk assessments - The basics

When carrying out a fire risk assessment, it is easy to concentrate on the mandatory recommendations you will be making rather than focus on the actual purpose of why you are carrying out the fire risk assessment.  What is likely to cause a fire in this building?  In...

Fire risk assessments and Compartmentation Surveys - The Crossover

I wrote an article recently regarding fire risk assessments and compartmentalisation surveys and the crossover between the two.  I think it’s a topic worthy of discussion and some of the responses raised some important points that I wanted to talk about. I think ult...

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