If you are the responsible person in your building for fire safety, it is good practice to consider ways you can reduce the chances of an arson attack occurring. Here are some top tips:

You should report accumulated or abandoned refuse to your local council. Don’t let it become a target for arson.

Anti-social behaviour is often linked to arson. It is good practice to report such behaviour via your local neighbourhood policing team, neighbourhood watch team or through Crimestoppers.

Protect your commercial property by seeking advice on security, good lighting and CCTV. These will often act as a deterrent to the criminal.

Contact your local Fire Service to ask them about any arson incidents in your area. They should always be there to help.

When closing down your business for the day, adopt a thorough closedown procedure. You should ensure:

External doors are locked

Internal doors are closed

No unauthorised persons are left on the premises

No accumulation of waste or rubbish is left lying around

Alarms are switched on

Always take responsibility and think of ways in which someone could start a fire inside or outside of your property. Act on any issues you find. Stay vigilant.

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