Types 1, 2, 3 and 4 fire risk assessments

Date Added 26/06/2017

At Whale Fire, we specialise in carrying out fire risk assessments to the common parts of purpose built and converted blocks of flats.  We can carry out type 2, type 3 and type 4 fire risk assessments should you require a more intrusive survey rather than the standard type 1 assessment.  Most fire risk assessments are limited to the common parts but we can also make entry into selected flats if you determine these are a greater risk.  We can then check the fire escape routes within the flat itself and determine the level of compartmentation and use of fire doors.  We can see whether any ducting or ventilation systems are potentially running through bathrooms and kitchens into other parts of the building without adequate fire stopping.  We can also ensure the flat is provided with smoke detection and provide any additional fire safety advice as necessary.   Whale Fire can supply Tenant Information Sheets which detail fire safety advice for residents/tenants to show how you can minimise the chances of a fire starting in your own dwelling.


We can also make opening into walls and cavities within the common parts and check the fire stopping in these areas subject to the presence of asbestos.  We have trained contractors who can visit the buildings with a qualified fire risk assessor to help with these intrusive surveys.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Housing Act 2004 are the pieces of legislation used to assess the common parts and flats respectively but as stated, a fire risk assessor can gain entry into a flat as part of a type 2 or greater fire risk assessment and we can work closely with the managing agent, housing association or landlord to identify any tenants  who may be especially at risk.  Fires naturally tend to start within the flats themselves rather than the common parts because that is the space where the tenants occupy and kitchens etc., are located so it makes sense to enter a sample of these flats, make the necessary checks and provide the appropriate advice. 



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