What is an emergency plan?


An emergency plan is a formal, predetermined procedure that is carried out in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or on hearing an alarm.  This procedure denotes a scheme of manoeuvres which is designed to get everybody out of the building as quickly and as safely as possible.  Emergency plans are hugely important and should be regarded just as highly as a fire extinguisher or a fire risk assessment within any business or organisations fire safety measures.  Having a detailed and comprehensive emergency plan needs to be in place in order to be compliant with current law, and all members of staff or residents need to know exactly what the emergency plan is.

 Whale Fire have gained a lot of experience in emergency planning for fire, and with the knowledge and insight learnt from working within the fire service, we’re able to create bespoke plans for every kind of building or premises from huge office blocks with hundreds of members of staff to small purpose-built blocks of flats, and everything in between.  Our emergency plans cover the following:


What to do in the event of a fire

 How people will be warned of fire

 The identification of all escape routes

The location and use of fire-fighting equipment

The duties and responsibilities of fire wardens and selected members of staff

The safe evacuation of any disabled persons and any visitors to the premises

How and by whom the fire brigade will be called

Procedures for liaising with the fire brigade upon their arrival

Identification of utility isolation points such as gas, water and electricity


Our comprehensive and bespoke emergency plans cover both commercial and residential premises and we work closely with health and safety managers, landlords and property management companies to create the best plan for everyone.   We can also create Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPS) for disabled occupants who may need help evacuating a building.  Whatever you requirement, we can provide you and your staff members with a comprehensive emergency plan tailored for you.


For more information, email info@whalefire.co.uk or call free on 0800 772 0738.

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