I am always a bit dubious of fire risk assessors that risk assess a building quoting from a fire safety guide word for word like they are just copying and pasting from the guidance without actually risk assessing the building properly.  It’s like every single recommendation comes directly from the guide.   I know that in theory that is correct and you can’t be wrong if you are quoting from the guide but for me, when carrying out a fire risk assessment you have to use your experience as well and know when to apply the guidance and when to make recommendations based on the actual risks within the building.  I have known fire engineers qualified up to their eyeballs carry out assessments that make recommendations to try and completely redesign the compartmentation in a building, as if somehow Building Control regulations are all retrospective.  Asking for lobbies where there is literally no space to put one.  How can you make a recommendation for a client that you know they literally cannot do?  For me you need to feel the personality of a building, its characteristics, construction, usage, age etc., and try to apply a balance between common sense, guidance and experience and understand the difference between them.

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