We specialize in carrying out fire risk assessments within Offices in London and in other major cities and towns throughout the UK. We work with Health and Safety Managers, Landlords, Building Management Officers as well as Facilities Managers in small, medium and large office buildings (including multi-occupied).

Our clients include San Leon Energy, Steinberg, Regent Media, Gemini People, Parallel Consulting, Collins Solicitors, eb7 Studios, Crestbridge, Cornerstone, pha Media, Capital Economics, Embassy of Republic of Poland and City Numbers amongst many more.

We can send a qualified assessor to your building who will initially go through all of your fire safety paperwork and fire logbook to check that your fire alarm and emergency lighting systems are being tested and see whether your fire training requirements are up to date amongst many more checks that should be in place.

They will then take a comprehensive look through the premises to check that all of your fire safety precautions are satisfactory and determine if you require any additional measures. You will then be issued with a fire risk assessment report which will come with an action plan and a list of recommendations with a timescale for completion. Click here for more information about our current fire risk assessment offer.

If you wish, after the assessment, we can also look after the other fire safety systems within your premises and can maintain your fire alarm and emergency systems as well as your fire extinguishers. We can also supply you with fire training, an emergency plan and PEEPS (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) if required. We offer servicing contracts for these services but there are no ties in’s and there is no obligation to use us for further services.

You can view our testimonials by clicking here - http://www.whalefire.co.uk/testimonials.aspx

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