East London high rise fire

This recent fire in a 18 storey high rise block of flats in East London started at the top of the block and was able to be extinguished without anybody suffering any injuries.     The fire damaged several windows at the top of the block and was extinguished by Lo...

London's Burning

London Fire Brigade (LFB) have been seriously busy the last few weeks as soaring temperatures and super dry conditions have led to a series of grass and other rural fires. There have also been many house and other building fires which has led to a shortage of resources and cov...

Belgravia Fire London

Another huge fire broke out in London recently in a residential property in Belgravia.     Up to 80 firefighters had to extinguish the blaze which took out an upper floor and roof of an exclusive block of flats. It’s the latest in the series of a large n...

Trafalgar Square pub fire

Over 100 firefighters attended this pub fire in Trafalgar Square recently.  The public house is located on the corner of two busy streets and would therefore would have caused LFB (London Fire Brigade) numerous problems in terms of access, traffic and pedestrian control.&nbs...

Watford bin fire spreads to building

This recent fire in Watford could have been a lot worse and fortunately was contained without anyone being seriously injured. This fire actually started as a bin fire which spread to the building from the ground floor level. I think it raises a good point for fire risk assesso...

LFB Fire Safety Advice

London Fire Brigade (LFB) have provided a link for all responsible persons with fire safety advice.  They offer assistance for a whole range of issues and can provide guidance and support on the following items:   Alarms and fire detection systems Evacuati...

North London Industrial Fire

This recent industrial unit fire in London was attended to by up to 60 firefighters. These type of fires can cause all sorts of problems for firefighting crews and some of the risks and considerations include: ·      The processes that...

Bedford Fire

Firefighters are fighting a huge fire at a block of 20 flats in Bedford which has been caused by a huge gas explosion. There are reports of two injuries, one potentially very serious. The fire appears to have burnt through a large section of the roof and is a very serious...

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